Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfullness

As we move in to Autumn it cannot be long before winter follows. Now is the time to prepare, especially if you are in the older generation or unfortunate to be in the clinically at risk categories.

The staff at the three GP services in Darwen are now rolling out flu vaccinations and will soon be offering Covid Booster to those in the risk catagory

This year there is a big push to ensure Children between 2 &3 years receive their flu vaccination. Also there is a need to ensure those in the clinically vulnerable category between 6 months to 17 years old. If your child is in this group, please contact your GP practice.

For the younger ones there will be a fun element and some little treats to get them not to worry for future contacts with the vaccination service.

Please download a copy of the leaflet here

Another group of patients that could benefit from Flu vaccinations are those with Learning Disabilities if you are a family member or a carer for anyone in this category please encourage them to get the flu protection.

Child Flu Leaflet_1.jpg