Well the day as arrived when we have hope of return to some form of normality, but what it will look like remains to be seen. But remember we still need to be cautious and maintain social distance and face masks, this will also be required in any Health Setting. If you are likely to be in a crowed situation but you do not have any of the known symptoms call at one of the rapid test distribution and collect a test kit which will tell whether you have Covid in a short space of time. This will decrease the spread. There are a number of sites in Darwen where you can collect them see https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test  if you feel you have definate symptoms contact the 

We all have our part to play to ensure the spread of the new variants does not once again overwhelm services, so that some of the screening services for various cancers can be carried out in the community once again.

During the pandemic demand on services as never been greater, as well as providing the usual services local NHS services have delivered an increased Flu immunisation programme last autumn whilst maintaining everyday contacts. Then in the early part of this year delivering two doses of the Covid Vaccination, on top of the "day job"

Planning is now starting for the Autumn winter flu campaign and this may incorporate a booster covid vaccination, The lessons learned last year with drive through and community settings will be kept in mind to ensure the service is delivered effectively.