If Winter comes can spring be far behind?

We are now in the last phase of the winter season, but we are taking a battering from the wind and rain. Covid cases are on the decline but we still need to be cautious.

Restrictions are being lifted in many areas of public life and venues, although if you are visiting a Health Centre where mask wearing is still required unless you are exempt. If you are exempt, please be sure to take your proof with you as it may be required before you can be seen.

What the future of rules around Covid nationally is yet unclear and we are awaiting clarity from the government. It is accepted that there is a level of immunity for those that have had both doses and booster of the Covid Vaccine, but it is not clear how long the immunity lasts.

We can only say at this time to ere on the side of caution and maintain hand cleansing and distancing where possible outside of your normal contact group.

We are hopeful that things will improve, and we will be able to hold out third Healthy Darwen Day sometime in September. this will be in line with the annual flu vaccination and other health promotions.